Force Multiplier for Law Enforcement

Living Life as a Warrior

July 20, 2022 Season 2 Episode 27
Force Multiplier for Law Enforcement
Living Life as a Warrior
Show Notes

This week we talk to Brandon Bennett. We discuss living life as a warrior.

Brandon Bennett as been supporting his community as a Tulsa police officer since 1992 – including roles as Burglary Detective, Special Operations, and Defensive Tactics Trainer – Brandon brings a wealth of firsthand, real-world experience to his teaching.

Brandon’s breadth of police experience is paralleled by his decades-long journey as a professional martial artist and instructor. With certifications, rankings, and thousands of hours of instruction under numerous martial arts and combative systems – such as the Inosanto Systems, World Thai Boxing Association, Warriors Way International, and Sayoc Kali– Brandon draws from his ever-evolving toolkit to provide invaluable direction to our unique combatives program.

From developing curriculum for the United States Shooting Academy, co-developing Close Quarters Tactics and edged weapons programs, assisting in the research and creation of the defensive tactics curriculum for the Tulsa Police Department … to hostage situations and dignitary protection … to acclaimed women and children’s self-defense training – Brandon brings his dynamic, application-based methodology to bare for YOU, helping ensure graduates of our programs are well-equipped to answer whatever questions the day may ask.

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